Tuesday, September 3, 2013

FRENCH CANADIAN - What is Poutine?

Have been to Canada a few times including Quebec where poutine (poo teen) comes from and had never had it until today at Lucky 32 Restaurant in Greensboro North Carolina.  There are an unknown number of recipes for poutine, however, the comfort food main version is:
Mix of French Fries, Cheddar Cheese, and Brown Gravy. 


It's sort of a war between Drummondville and Victoriaville (small cities of Qu├ębec province) to decide who invented it first.

There's some other kind of poutine:
- Regular Poutine - heh
- Italian Poutine - Bolognese Sauce instead of Brown Gravy
- Spicy Poutine - A bit of Tabasco in the Gravy
- Galvaude - Add chunks of chicken and green peas
- Dulton - Add Ground Beef, sometime sausages.

Great hangover remedy, if you can eat it all!

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