Saturday, September 14, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW: Cedar Lean All Natural Roasted Chile & Cheese Egg White Frittata

Don't waste your money on this product!!

  • Dry.
  • Cooking instructions incorrect:  said 2:00 to 2:30 minutes. At 2:30 the center was cold. An extra 30 seconds would do it. So it is 3:00 minutes.
  • Tasteless.  Couldn't taste the cheeses nor the roasted poblano peppers nor the garlic nor the potatoes. It was just bland.  
  • I jazzed it up with fresh ground pepper and Hot Mexican Chili Powder.  Eatable. 
  • But I wouldn't buy it again. 
  • I think the idea is great if someone wanted to make from scratch. 
  • Yes, you say egg white is blander than scrambled eggs but then you have to make adjustments with spices, herbs, cheese, etc. 
  • Said 200 calories. 
  • Label said turmeric and paprika.  Those would have been good too if there was enough of them in there. 
  • Sorry, just my opinion. 

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