Thursday, September 19, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW: Lean Cuisine culinary collection Deep Dish Spinach & Mushroom Pizza

Comments on this product:

  • Directions were iffy.  It said 2:45 if wanted regular and :15 more seconds if wanted crispy.  It wasn't crispy but it was cooked and hot.
  • Photos on outside of package had lots more mushrooms than in the actual recipe (see below)
  • The photo on the package was blown up to make appear larger than the actual item was. 
  • The contents said that it was a four cheese blend:  
    • reduced fat mozzarella cheese and cornstarch
    • said 2% or less of 
      • grated parmesan
      • romano made from cow's milk
      • and asiago cheeses
    • The cheese combination didn't indicate there was any parmesan, romano or asiago cheeses in the sauce.  Asiago is the strongest of the four cheeses & should have given it more of a punch.
  • I added drizzles of EVOO to the top of the pizza with freshly ground pepper.  These gave it a another layer of taste.
  • I would probably buy again in a pinch.
    • Next time I would put a little Asiago on top
    • and maybe some red crushed paper
    • and maybe even a little basil

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