Wednesday, September 4, 2013

SWEDISH - President is in Stockholm - What do they eat? Photos and recipes.


They might eat the following classics:

  • Swedish Orange Rye Bread (medium rye bread with grated orange peel and 1 TBSN. of one of the following: caraway, anise or fennel seed)
  • Swedish Limpa Bread (cracked wheat, fennel, cumin, orange peel, molasses)

Orange Rye Bread


Limpa Bread

  • Gravad Lax or Marinated Salmon (peppercorns and dill)

  • V√§stkustsallad or Westcoast Salad (lobster or crab meat or ..., shrimp,mayo,sour cream lemon juice, mushrooms,tomatoes)

Smorgesbord (smorgesborg) (smorgasbord) is very popular in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. 
There are smorgasbords featuring:
  • meat
  • salad
  • fish
  • bread
  • your imagination
Link for your own smorgesbord below the photos:






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