Tuesday, September 3, 2013

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen in Greensboro NC and Poutine

What we had:

Hot Ham and Havarti Sandwich 
with spicy brown mustard and Creole mayonnaise,
served with hand-cut fries

My photos

Other People’s Poutine (pronounced poo teen)
our fries + cheese curds + brown gravy = sublime
(Didn't know what Poutine was so googled it at restaurant: is from Quebec, Canada)

Also had: Collard Greens (best in Greensboro) and
Creamy Grits

Here is WIKI link:

The portions were large. My friend said the Hot Ham and Havarti Sandwich was very good but that there were too many fries on the plate.

The Poutine was great but the portion was large enough for two people (one plate) if you want sides.  I took a doggie bag home.

The service was excellent, too, as always. 

After doing research on poutine I found out there is more than one poutine recipe.

NOTE:  About the cheese curds. If you can't find them and I bet you can't, one source said use small chunks or thick slices cut up of mozzarella or other white cheese. However, I believe what I had at Lucky 32 was a mild to sharp cheddar and I think if I made this that is what I would use as I could really taste the cheese & I think that a white cheese would be too bland.  Just my opinion.  The yellow cheese juxtaposed with the gravy and the potatoes.  I would put more sliced green onion tops on top of the dish.  

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