Tuesday, June 4, 2019

INTERNATIONAL: BORDERLESS CUISINE:16 - A - CENTRAL EUROPE - Germany, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic


Many countries bordering each other share some of the same cuisines.  As you can see Germany is bordered by (in this post) Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic. Following are some foods shared by these countries:

Above is a photo of Currywurst (a sausage using curry as its main ingredient).  (Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and Polish respectively) 
Following is a recipe link for Austrian currywurst aka Bosna

Above are photos of Meatballs aka Dumplings (German Konigsburger Klopse, Polish Pulpety and Tirolean (Austrian) dumplings knodel aka meatballs and Czech masové koule)

Above are photos of Rouladen (meat rolled up with a filling inside). (Austrian rouladen, Czech ptacek, German rouladen and Polish rolada-slaska), respectively)

 Rouladen or Rinderrouladen is a German meat dish, usually consisting of bacon, onions, mustard and pickles wrapped in thinly sliced beef which is then cooked. The dish is considered traditional also in the Upper Silesia region of Poland where it is known as rolada śląska (Silesian  roulade) and in the Czech Republic where it is known as španělský ptáček (spanish bird). 

(Austrian Fiakergulasch, Czech gulášGerman Rindergulasch, Hungarian gulyás and Polish gulasz, respectively)  

I have included Hungarian goulash because the goulash 

recipe originated in Hungary. 

Goulash can be made with beef, pork and other meats.

LINK to above Hungarian Goulash Recipe

Above are photos of Kolache (Austrian, Czech, German, Hungarian and Polish)
Yes, I threw a Hungarian one in here because Hungary borders Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria. 

Above are photos of Apfel Strudel (or Apple cake) (Austrian Apfelstrudel, Czech jablečný štrůdl, German Apfelstrudel and Polish strudel jabłkowy)

Above are photos of (as we know them) DONUTS.  (In the Midwest West in the US and Ontario, Canada they are called Berliners or Bismarcks. DONUTS ARE EVERYWHERE!!  There are hundreds of pastries aka donuts in numerous countries with different names such as Kreppel, bombo, bombolone, krof, krafnu, pampushky, bobilha, becsi fank and these are just in certain sections  of Central Europe. 

Back to the photos above (Austrian krapfen, German  Pfannkuchen, Czech Kobliha or Koblihy and Polish Paczki)

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